This Nonpoint Sources Workgroup was formed to provide nonpoint dischargers with an organizational structure for developing collaborative Control Studies. Initial funding from a 319(h) planning grant is being applied to identify the potential management measures and potential study sites, support development of Control Study Workplans, and provide outreach and communications for the existing NPS Workgroup throughout the process.

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New Paper Published

March 2015
Stephen McCord (McCord Environmental, Inc.) and Wes Heim (Moss Landing Marine Lab) recently published an article in an international peer reviewed journal: McCord, S.A., and W.A. Heim (2015). Identification and Prioritization of Management Practices to Reduce Methylmercury Exports from Wetlands and Irrigated Agricultural Lands, Environmental Management, 55(3): 725-740. DOI 10.1007/s00267-014-0425-5 x

MeHg Control Study Workplan Submitted to Technical Advisory Committee

April 19, 2013
This workplan, which is the final deliverable of the NPS Workgroup under our current 319(h) grant, presents a collaborative methylmercury control study workplan. This workplan prioritizes management practices (MPs) for the six land use categories considered by the NPS Workgroup. As noted in the introduction, four site-specific control studies have also been submitted by individual study proponents. You can download the workplan here.

NPS Workgroup Meeting

The presentation file from our April 4, 2013 meeting is available here.

SRWP Proposal for Another 319(h) Planning Grant

The Sacramento River Watershed Program has submitted a proposal for another 319(h) planning grant to continue to the NPS Workgroup’s efforts through 2015. The two main documents for that proposal can be downloaded here. Narrative and Scope, Schedule, and Budget.

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