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Steering Committee

Carol Atkins
California Dept. of Fish and Game

Wes Heim and Mark Stephenson
California Dept. of Fish and Game, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Carol DiGiorgio and Petra Lee
California Dept. of Water Resources

Kari Fisher
California Farm Bureau Federation

Kevin Petrik and Aaron Will
Ducks Unlimited

Stephen McCord
McCord Environmental

Sally Liu
The Nature Conservancy

Mary Lee Knecht
Sacramento River Watershed Program

Mike Wackman
San Joaquin County & Delta Water Quality Coalition

Tom Maurer
US Fish & Wildlife Service

Josh Ackerman and Lisamarie Windham-Myers
US Geological Survey

Steering Committee Organization Logos and Links

SRWP McCord Environmental TNC

SRWP California DFG Ducks Unlimited

California DFGTNC